IPE – Industrial Perennial Environment R1 is a special blackout-proof flavour of Raspbian – a Debian-based Linux Distribution for the Raspberry PI. It is of course free (considered GPL).

IMPORTANT: This is the oldest release of IPE, for the current release, see the IPE master page.

It’s aim is to provide a solid OS for using in environments where blackouts are common.
IPE achieves it’s goal by using a full read-only file system with slightly modified tools.

IPE R1 will fit on a 1GB SD card, or can be automatically expanded to use any size.
Use the “firstboot” command to automatically expand to the size of the SD card, and do some basic configuration.
Also, use “ipe-rw” and “ipe-ro” to switch the root file system to writeable or read-only mode.

Please note: I got some reports from people that IPE R1 won’t boot on some Model B Revision 2 boards. The current work around is to update the firmware file on the /boot partition. I could not yet identify which boards won’t work with the shipped firmware.

Note 2: While SSH is disabled by default (I didn’t want to ship any pregenerated SSH keys), telnet IS enabled on IPE R1. Use telnet to login to a headless PI, then run “firstboot” which will disable telnet, generate SSH keys, enable SSH and expand the FS.

You can download IPE R1 on the Downloads page.
The default root password for IPE is “root”.

To write the unzipped .IMG file to the SD card, use dd or Win32DiskImager.

Special thanks goes to Hexxeh for his RPi firmware update tools and to http://xecdesign.com/ for their simply usable kernel for development on QEMU.